Assyrian music holds a special place in the hearts of all Assyrians. Since most cannot read or write our own language, Assyrian music is the only conveyer of poetry, the raiser of consciousness, and the instigator of national pride. Since the Syriac-Aramaic language is so rich and full of depth, lyrics pour and metaphors flow. The translations provided here serve as an injustice to the true beauty of the poetry that a cold language like English just cannot convey. Just to mention the names of such singers like Ashur Bet-Sargis or Evin Agassi makes the blood of Assyrians pump through their national veins. Support your singers, for how silent our nation would be without them.

For those Assyrians, such as myself, who don't speak the Syriac-Aramaic language as adroitly as they would prefer, this page is dedicated to you. One of the secrets of learning any language is through music. Repetition is a proven method of retention and since your favorite songs are listened to over and over, the drudgery of repetition is actually an enjoyment. The transliterations and translations (thanks to my mom) of the songs are NEXT TO EACH SONG SAMPLE. Click the title of the song for the lyrics. Listen to the song of your choice and go to the lyric page. Print or save the lyrics. Purchase the album (the title is on the lyric page.) It is well worth the effort and you will notice a dramatic increase in your LO-GHAA-TAA (vocabulary). You will also notice the SIP-YOO-TAA (purity / clarity) of the way you speak improve, since you will repeat the proper way of speaking a number of times when you listen to the song. You will then use the words in your normal conversation as if you knew them all along. Let me know what you think.

Suggestions to what songs to learn first are as follows. If you wish to learn the Aramaic alphabet and build your vocabulary, start with Juliana Jendo's "Alap Beet". The next songs are Linda George's "Malikta Shamiram", Shabeh Lawando's "Bageey'e", Evin Agassi's "Campeh" & "Habania", Ashur Bet Sargis' "Giptaa D Aanw'e", and then Robert Bet Sayad's "Labaltaa D Chaloo. These songs are chosen for there beautiful poetry, rich vocabulary, and addictive tunes (all of the songs below have the same qualities, so you really can start anywhere). Ashur Bet Sargis' Dashta d Nineveh contains Assyrian/Aramaic script as well as the transliteration and translation.

To purchase albums, dictionarys, & books, check these online stores, Waw-Allap or Assyrian Market. For more lyrics, visit AssyrianLyrics. For more music, visit Qeenatha and Assyrian Voice.

If you would like the complete lyrics in one document, click here.

These Assyrian artists have there own websites with biographical information.
These Assyrian artists have their own biography pages.
Edward Yousif (Biba)
Ashur Bet Sargis

Assyrian Artists Available

Music Videos with Subtitles

Sing along with these incredible videos made by these incredible artists. I embedded the lyrics within the videos but print out the lyrics for more info and direct translations.

Juliana Jendo has made these amazingly beautiful videos for not only kids but also for adults to enjoy. Children are the key to maintaining our language. "Bibleh d Ator" is the name of Juliana's collection (Flowers of Assyria) meaning the children of our nation.

Go to SaveTube to save videos to your devices.

Child Drawing

Juliana Jendo - Alap Beet
Alap Beet

Juliana Jendo - Tdawilyaateh d Soorootaa
Alap Beet

Ashur BetSargis - Bet Nahrain Live
Bet Nahrain Live
Ashur BetSargis - Bet Nahrain (Complete)
Alap Beet
Azadoota - Jesus Spoke My Language
Alap Beet
Ashur BetSargis - Bet Nahrain (Complete)
Alap Beet

Juliana Jendo - Bet Yaldaa
Alap Beet

Ashur Drama Group - Moor Laa Qaa Drugs
Alap Beet

Evin Agassi - Shikhdaa
Alap Beet

Ashur Bet Sargis - Jiptaa d Aanweh

Ashur Bet Sargis - Dashta d Nineveh

Ashur Drama Group - Come to Me
Come to Me
Click the lyrics get details of the festivals.

Mesopotamian Night -
L Roomyaateh Qeeneh d Ninveh
Mesopotamian Night

Mesopotamian Night -

New ways to learn.
Download music and sync.
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For the lyrics to all the songs in one document, click here. 107 Pages.
For the set of .MP3 files with embedded lyrics, click here.


Linda George

    Daleebootaa (Betrothal / Engagement)
    Malikta Shamiram (Queen Shameeram (Samiramis))
    Yalikhta Khwarta (White Handkerchief)
    Barwar (Qa Balashta Magee) (An Assyrian City (for Margrette the Warrior)
Khumraa Teeqaa    Khumraa Teeqaa (Old Wine)new

Juliana Jendo

    Alap Beet (ABC (the alphabet)) new
Sound    Tdaawilyaateh d Soorootaa (Youthful Play)new
Sound    Bet Yalda (Birthday)new

Aglanteen Warda

    Aghalaareh (Gentlemen/Learned Ones)

Ramina Odicho &

    Alap Beet (Alphabet)

Jermaine Tamraz

    Doogleh Shaapeereh (Beautiful lies)

Fatin Shabo

    Mukhibee (My love)
    Barookh Bikhdara (following you)

Shamiram Urshan

    Toghlama (The name of the dance for this song) Shoo Shoo La

Evin Agassi

    Shikhdaa (good tidings / good news (on God's promise of the return of Assyria))
    Chaloo (The Bride) !!My Favorite!!
    Aloola (Alley)
Campeh    Campeh (Camps (a lost love in the British camps. Includes the most powerful metaphor))
    Sanam (Idol)
    Khazadeh (Cultivators (extremly patriotic))
    An Appeal to the United Nations
    Habania (name of one of the British camps in Iraq)
    Bet Nahrain (land between two rivers (Mesopotamia in Greek))
    Oormie Oormie (Urmie. Assyrian city in Iran )
    Seepaar Smooqtaa (red zero (powerful metaphor))
    Khaboor (name of the river in Syria)

Ashur Bet Sargis

    Bet Nahrain (land between two rivers (Great Assyria) new
Dashta D Nineveh    Dashta d Nineveh (Plains of Nineveh) with Assyrian script new
Roosh Jwenqaa    Roosh Jwenqaa (Rise Young Man) with Assyrian script new
    Yawinakh Khayee (I will give you my life)
Listen to Music
    Yaa-likh-to Smooq-taa (Her Red Handkerchief)
    Jiptaa D'Aanw'e (Grapevine (amazing poetry))
    Sojooltee Yimaa (Mother Dearest)
    Rroosh Joowenqaa (Rise, young man)

Sargon Gabriel

    Gishraa D' Dalal (Dalal's Bridge )
    Shlamee oo Khoobee (My greetings and my love)

Robert Bet Sayad

    Khaya D Yima (the life of mother)
    Labalta D'chaloo (The bringing of the bride)
    Betan (Our house)

Ogin Bet Samo

    Chee Buyinaakh (I love you)
    Daleeboota (Betrothal / Engagement)

Albert Oscar Baba

    Habania (a British camp in Iraq)

Shlimon Bet Shmuel

    Brata D Oomtee (Girl of my nation)
    Premta D Seemel'e (Massacre of Simele(in Iraq))

Edward Yousif (Melka (King) Biba)

    Qoorbaa min Aynaatee (Close to my vision)

George Chaharbakhshi

    Bet Yalda (Birthday)
    Brata D Miletee (girl of my nation)

Gibrial Sayad (1935)

    Nishra D Khoomeh (Eagle of Khoom'e (an Assyrian city))
    Derdee (My Scars / Suffering)

Shabeh Lawando

    Bageeyeh (A young girl's name)

Janan Sawa

    Ninwaayaa (Ninevite)
    Sawee/Nawagee (Grandfather/Grandson)

Walter Aziz

    Agha Petros (Our most beloved soldier (World War I))
    Nahrain Nahrain (A young lady's name)
    Lit makh Atooreta (There is nothing like an Assyrian woman)

David Esho

    Yaa Aakhoonee (My Brother)

Ashur Drama Group

    Come Back to Me
    Say No to Drugs

George Servenous

    Yoomaa MuTdraanaa (Rainy Day)

Mesopotamian Night Group 5th 2012

    L Roomyateh D'qeeneh D'nineveh (Green Hills of Nineveh)
    L Roomyateh D'qeeneh D'nineveh (Green Hills of Nineveh)(original Version by Robert Ibrahimi)

    Ramina (original Version by George Servenous and Clara Nassara)



One of the most beautiful piano pieces ever created.

    Fereidoun Es-Haq - Folklore Music of Aghalari
  Aghalari Instrumental Music Notes
  Aghalari Instrumental Music MIDI


This section is designed for those who have exhausted the educational value of the above songs.  These songs will not be translated and are chosen for their historical significance and cultural influence.  Some are rare songs that should not be forgotten and are very hard to get. Also, the videos, which take so much hard work and imagination should be viewed by the world. Each artist who has a video has a collection that can be purchased.

Extra Music

Lazar Malko
Zeno Maalaa
What's wrong with Zeno (girl's name)
David Simon
Great Song!
Agha Pootroos
Our hero who saved countless Assyrians from the turks
and exiled by the British
Julie Yousif
Roosh Yaa Saahd'e
Rise oh Maryters
Anaa Saayaadaa / Aten Ghaazaal
I the hunter / you the gazel (hot mix)
Albert Tamraz
Mixed by Joeseph Ivanoff
Taa Minee
Come with me
Linda Oshana
I am Assyrian
Shawel Malko
I am missing...
Michael Michael
Maachekhtaa D Braataa (Le Le)
The finding of a girl (Le Le)
Alexander Daoud
Ghaazaal, Qaam Bishwaaqeet
Gazel, why are you leaving me
Alexander Daoud
Dalal (a young girl's name)
Sargon Rasho
Taaneelee Laay Laay
Tell me a lullaby
Ashur Bet Sargis
Ramsen Sheeno
Engagement / Betrothal
Evin Agassi
Atorina (A young girl's name)
Edmond Ternian
Rreqdaakh Shaykhaanee
Let's dance Shaykhani (An Assyrian dance)
Simon Zakaria
Eyaa Usmaarraa
She is brown (olive-skinned)
Albert Oscar Baba
Khemtaa Khleetaa
Sweet maiden
Amanuel Salamon
Preshtee Minaakh Murtaa laa
Seperation from you is bitter
Shabeh Lawando
(Original by Oshana Oshana)
Ator Jaaburtaa
Mighty Powerful Assyria
Biba song
(performed by Avadis Sarkissyian)