Letters of Assyria




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Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box holds one set or two sets.
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International shipping is expensive.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  
USPS charges $58.65 internationally and $40.15 for Canada.  One box holds two sets, so you can split the cost with someone.

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Pronounciation Guide

       Click to launch and learn the pronounciation and examples of all the words.

     Click to launch Pronounciation Page


Virtual Blocks

       Click to launch on your PC/Mac/iPad/Tablet (Android/Win).

       Touch and mouse friendly app. Play and practice on the go.

     Click to launch Pronounciation Page

Learning Games

Read the Letter.


Read the Word.



Define Picture.


Alphabet Order Competition.


Spelling a Word.


Reading a Word.


Fill in the Letter.


Fill in the Vowels.


Unscramble the Letters.

Grab the letter competition.



Spell the Word Competition. (if you have two sets of blocks)


Read the Word Competition.


Define the Picture Competition.


Unscramble the Letters Competition. (if you have two sets of blocks)


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